10 tips to keep your pool in Great Condition

  1. Vacuum your pool or us an automatic pool cleaner regularly
  2. Test your pool water every other day to check for proper chlorine and pH levels.
  3. Use a solar cover to warm the pool and swim earlier and later each season.
  4. Run your pool pump and filter at least 10 hours per day (clean your filter or back wash regularly).
  5. Use only premium Blue Wave Pool Chemical to insure clean water and efficient operation of your pump, filter and liner.
  6. Keep your pool’s skimmer basket clean to insure proper water circulation.
  7. Apply shock chemicals to your pool regularly and after periods of heavy use to insure clean, clear pool water.
  8. Brush your pool walls every week to remove debris that can start algae growth.
  9. Cover your pool each fall with a quality winter pool cover to protect your pool liner from leaves, twigs, and other debris.
  10. Use a Blue Wave start-up kit each spring to insure crystal clear water all season; and when needed use a Blue Wave chlorinated, or
    Blue Wave non-chlorine
    closing pool chemical kit at the end of each season.
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