Spring Pool Opening

Remove all leaves, debris & excess water from pool cover. Use Submersible Pump to clear water away. Then remove the pool cover.

Check the condition of your Pool Liner. Need to replace your pool liner?

Remove all winterizing plugs from the pool suction lines and return lines.

Assemble all pool pump and filter pipes to respective fittings. Check the condition of the sand, cartridge or DE elements. Clean or replace if necessary. Need to replace your Pump & Filter System?

Be sure the pool filter top is secure, the tank drain is closed and the pool filter valve is in the “Filter” position.

Hook up pool pump, filter and any other additional equipment you might have (Pool Heaters, etc.).

Re-attach any deck equipment you have such as Pool Ladders, Diving Boards, etc. Install all Pool Deck equipment including skimmer baskets and return directionals.

Bring the pool water level up to normal & Start the pump.

Using Blue Wave Chemical Start-up Kit, follow our FREE Pool Care Guide directions to get your water in swimming condition! Balance the water chemistry and check the levels frequently during the first few days (until they stabilize).

Run the pool pump & filter system 24 hours until your pool water has cleared completely.

Remove any debris from pool using an Automatic Pool Cleaner or Pool Cleaning Equipment.

Clean Liner with Tile & Vinyl Cleaner & clean Filter with Filter Clean.

For more detailed Pool Opening Instruction, in Printer Friendly Format, Click Here.

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  1. Gregg says:

    Great list for spring pool opening!


    “Pool Builders Compete – You Swim!”

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