Pool Filtration Systems

The pool’s filtration system contains a pump and a filter system which circulates the pool water through the filter to remove dirt and contaminants and clean the pool water. A pool filter should run at least 8 hours daily to properly maintain the pool water’s clarity and cleanliness. A sand filtration system, the most popular and economical type, uses a bed of fine sand to trap contaminants and debris as the pool water circulates through the sand filter. Using sand as the filtering media provides some benefits to the pool owner. Sand filters are relatively simple to use and may be cleaned by backwashing to remove the accumulated debris. Sand is an inexpensive filter media and it is very long lasting. If properly treated, sand only needs to be replace once every 3-4 years. pcPOOLS offers sand filtration systems for both above ground and in ground pools. For parts of the country with water restrictions or for pool owners looking for even better pool water quality, another type of pool filter system is a cartridge filtration system. Cartridge filter systems use a replaceable pool filter to trap debris and other contaminants to clarify the pool water. Using a cartridge filter (which looks much like a large oil filter used in a car) provides increased benefits that sand can’t match. Because of the cartridge’s construction, it will trap smaller particles than sand making the pool water quality better. Cartridge systems are also recommended where water restrictions occur. Cartridge systems do not require “backwashing”, which can use hundreds of gallons of water. A cartridge filter is cleaned by removing the cartridge element and hosing it off and soaking it in filter cleaner for an hour or two. The cartridge may need to be replaced every season depending on the amount of usage of your pool.

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