Guide to Spring Start-Up

As the owner of a swimming pool you want beautiful clear blue water without the hassles. easy 4-step Start-Up Program will give you simple step-by-step instructions that will insure crystal clear water. offers the highest quality chemicals that are free of contaminates. We also offer full lines of products, which means you don’t have to mix and match, insuring superior performance and a clean, clear pool.

Spring Start Up Steps

  1. Remove your Pool Cover
    1. If you use a solid cover, drain the water off the cover.
    2. Clean Cover Thoroughly and let it dry in the sun before storing it. (This will prevent mold, mildew and bacteria from growing which could damage your cover and you might end up transferring it to your pool.
    3. Remove any debris, leaves, twigs and sticks that may have gotten into your pool water.
  2. Fill your pool
    1. Add enough water to bring the water level to the middle of the skimmers.
  3. Check your pool’s equipment
    1. Make sure the main drain and inlets are open
    2. Make sure that the pump and skimmer basket are in place and free of debris
    3. Start your pump and filter system. Your pump and filter system are the heart of your pool maintenance program. This system keeps your pool water clear and clean.
    4. If you did not clean you filter before you closed you pool do so now.
    5. Cool Pool Deals offers filter cleaners that remove the build-up of grease, oil and scale in your filter allowing it to operate effectively, efficiently which will extend the filters life (and save you money).
  4. Test your water
    1. Start your pool and let it run for 24 hours before taking a water sample.
    2. Take your sample from at least one foot below the surface.
    3. Using your test kit or test strips, test the water for free chlorine, pH and total alkalinity.
    4. Using your results refer to the following chart to bring your pool up the ideal range.If any of these levels are not in their proper range, offers the proper chemicals to being them into balance.

Spring Start-Up Kits offers complete easy to use Spring Start-Up Kits. These kits are formulated with just the right amount of chemicals to get your pool ready for swimming and summer fun.

Easy Pool Care Guide for Pool Maintenance

Now that your pool is up and running, follow our Easy Pool Care process to ensure clear, brilliant water.

Need Help or Advice?

This guide is designed to educate you about programs and some of the products we carry. In the event of pool water questions or problems please contact us at 1-877-727-6657 for expert advice and simple solutions.

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