Service and Maintenance Schedule

Periodic Service and Maintenance Schedule
Adjust as needed during months of heaviest use or extreme weather.
Day Week Month Year
Check Water Level 1X
Check pH and sanitizer 2X
Check Hardness, TDS, and total alkalinity 1X
Test for heavy metals 2X
Check conditioner 2X
Check skimmer basket 2X
Check pump strainer basket 1X
Check filter pressure 1X
Look for leaks in plumbing and equipment
check time clock settings
Surface skim the pool 1X
Vacuum the pool (pool has no auto cleaner) 2X
Vacuum the pool (pool has auto cleaner) 1X
Operate auto cleaner (3 hours) 2X
Brush pool walls and bottom 1X
Clean waterline 1X
Empty auto cleaner catch bag 2X
Clean solar panels 1X
Winterize 1X
Reopening and/or equipment tuneup 1X
Tear down and clean filter 3X
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