10 Backyard Garden Tips

  1. Check your Vegetables daily or every other day. Crops like beans and zucchinis grow quickly, and can go from the perfect size and texture to woody or too large in just a day.
  2. Divide and reset irises and daylilies in late August. Begin cutting back on fertilizer for perennials and roses, too. They need time to harden in preparation of the coming winter.
  3. To prevent algae growth in your bird bath, drop a few pennies in (dated before 1982). The copper prevents algae.
  4. Prune your raspberries after your harvest is complete. Cut away all dead branches and sucker plants.
  5. Toward the end of the month, start seeding your fall cold crops (lettuce, spinach, radishes, ect.)
  6. Water, water, water! August tends to be one of our hottest months. Especially check newly planted trees and evergreens, which can be slow to show a lack of water. Water deeply and occasionally rather than shallow and often.
  7. Fall is for planting! Start Planning your fall planting projects now. Observe where you may want to add a shade tree. Are there empty areas that may need some additional plants? What Spring blooming perennials are getting too large and ee to be divided.
  8. Check out the many great garden displays at a State Fair near you.
  9. Watch out for yellow jackets while working in the yard. This time of year is when they’re out in full force. If you find a nest, spray it only ant dusk and use extreme caution.  Never strike, swing, or crush a wasp against you. Wasp venom contains a chemical “alarm pheromone” that signals guard wasps to attack.
  10. Reap the benefits of your hard work and make sure to take the time to enjoy your landscape.

Resources: Heidi’s Lifestyle Gardens – 763-475-4960 & www.GardenMinnesota.com

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