Advantages of Above Ground Pool Ownership – “Staycations”

In the months before it is time to plan a family vacation with an aquatic destination, above ground pool ownership should be closely considered as an alternative for several reasons. Beaches and public pools are often overcrowded in the summer months, which can take away from the relaxation that one seeks in a pool setting. Vacations to secluded beaches cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars for travel, lodging, and even simply using the beach. Naturally, not everyone has the space or financial flexibility to have a permanently installed in-ground pool, but there is one solution that serves as a remedy to all of the aforementioned concerns – above ground pools.

Thanks to above ground pools, families have an inexpensive and high-quality alternative to a costly and time-consuming vacation – “the staycation”. Above ground pools are so easy to install that the pool owners are able to install them on their own. Instead of having to drive to a public pool, there is a pool right in the back yard. Above ground pools take up much less space than an in ground pool does, and costs hundreds less per season to maintain. Even if the weather becomes cold, above ground pool heaters and solar pool covers can be installed to turn an above ground pool into an above ground spa.

In this economy, the staycation is becoming more popular, however just because a family chooses to stay home does not mean it won’t be a fun-filled experience.

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