How to Handle Cloudy Pool Water

A number of issues can cause cloudy pool water. Insufficient pool water filtration, poor pool maintenance practices, improperly balanced pool water, or overly-frequent pool use are just a few examples. Below are some tips to get rid of cloudy water in your swimming pool:

  • Make sure the pool filter is running normally. Pool filters should typically be running between 8-12 hours per day at a clean operating pressure. If your pressure is not where it should be, check for obstructions in tubes, skimmer baskets, or even the plumbing where you pool’s water enters.
  • If the pool filter pressure if elevated, try back-washing the pool filter. Back-washing usually reduces filter pressure and restores normal return flow to the pool. If back-washing does not work, that is a sign that the pool filter needs to be cleaned or the pump is not functioning properly.
  • Test your pool water’s pH and alkalinity levels. High pH and alkalinity will certainly lead to cloudy water. You will first want to reduce the alkalinity to between 100-150 ppm. Once that is done, lower the pH to a desirable level of 7.5.
  • Use pool shock. The general rule for pool shock dosage is 2 lbs. of shock per 10,000 gallons of water in your pool.
  • Once you have added several pool chemicals, do not be impatient. Give the pool water about 24 hours before adding anything else. If the water is still cloudy after that, then try adding clarifier pool chemicals. Generally about 2 oz. per 10,000 gallons is enough to clear up any cloudiness.
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