Pamper Yourself: Add a Sauna, and a Touch of Luxury, to Your Pool Area

I’ll admit it: my husband and I are health freaks. When we aren’t at work, we can be found at the gym, spa or grocery store. In fact, we even met at the gym. After we married, we bought a home and slowly transformed it into our own gym. We have a complete workout area in our finished basement, a pool for swimming laps and now, a brand new sauna.

Last week was my birthday, and my husband decided to pull out all the stops and surprise me with the greatest gift of all: a sauna. Here’s the thing, we love saunas. But we don’t love sharing them with the strangers at the gym. In fact, we often skip that part after our workout if we see that there are too many people in the sauna.

Not only is skipping the sauna hard on strained muscles and joints, but it takes away my favorite part of the workout: relaxing and unwinding.

Well, last week, after he took me out to dinner for my birthday, he suggested that we go for a swim under the stars. We love swimming at night, and we do it often, so I immediately slipped into my suit and met him at the pool.

When I walked out, I was face to face with a brand new two person sauna, complete with a big pink bow. I was so surprised and excited I instantly ran up to him and thanked him for the amazing gift. We turned it on, and hopped in the pool for a few minutes while it heated up.

After our swim, we were able to try out the new sauna. It was everything I hoped for, and more. It was beautiful and spacious. And the only person I had to share it with was the only person I wanted to share it with: my wonderful husband.

Ever since we’ve had it, we have used it nearly every night. After work, we go for a swim and hop in the sauna to unwind. We talk about our day and catch up; it’s our own personal bonding time.

The sauna was the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten. I was so surprised and touched that he put so much thought and effort into getting me something that I would love. I can’t wait to show my new sauna off to our friends and family at our next pool party.


Shelly Whitfield is a registered nurse from Houston. Her husband recently surprised her with a new sauna for her birthday. She loved the gift, and is in the process of planning a pool party so that she can show it off to her friends and family.

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