Fall is Here, Time to Break out the Pool Covers by Micah Jacobson

As much as I hate to admit it, fall has finally arrived. My days of lounging by the pool and slathering on the aloe-vera are now a thing of the past. Since I have always been a huge fan of the summer, my home is pretty much a warm weather haven. I have a pool, a deck, patio furniture, a grill fit for a chef, volleyball net and tons of other fun outdoor things. Summer is where it’s at, and I always enjoy it to the fullest.

Perhaps one of my least favorite times of the year is September. The warm weather is officially gone, and I am forced to face reality, cover the pool and pack up all of my outdoor equipment for the next nine months. My girlfriend loves the cooler weather, she says it’s the perfect time for us to do romantic things like sit by a fire and cuddle. I say that sounds like a bore.

Well, one thing I noticed when I went to start packing up my outdoor equipment was that my pool cover had a hole in it. Well, that just wasn’t acceptable; I always like to keep my summer gear in tip-top shape. So, I immediately started doing some online shopping for a new one. This worked out perfectly; I would get a new pool cover, and I could put off the packing away summer process for a few more days.

While I was shopping pool covers, I found myself getting distracted by all of the other pool accessories. I had to remind myself that summer was over, and that for the next nine months I was going to be cold and pale skinned. So, I skipped buying a ton of cool accessories and simply purchased a pool cover.

Once the pool cover arrived, I finally got started on the packing process. I packed up the beach balls, patio set, volleyball net and, of course, applied the new pool cover. I decided to leave the grill out. After all, a real man grills in all weather, right?

My girlfriend helped me wave goodbye to summer and welcome the fall by greeting me with a nice, warm cup of apple cider. Later that night, she showed me how fun the colder months could actually be. We went for a walk under the stars, and it was chilly enough for us to snuggle up a bit. Later that evening, we curled up on the couch and watched a scary movie. I guess the cold weather isn’t as bad as I thought. It certainly makes it better when you have someone by your side!

So, after shopping for pool covers, and packing the summer away I am ready to embrace fall. While I might be enjoying the cooler weather on the outside, on the inside I’m counting down the days until I can rip off the pool cover and take a dive.

About the Author:

Micah Jacobson is a summer lovin’ kind of guy. He recently went shopping for pool covers so that he could pack the summer away, and start enjoying fall.

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