How to Use Winter Pool Covers and Other Pool Devices by Karl Buxton

As someone who has had a pool his entire life, I consider myself to be a bit of an expert on the subject. When I was a child, my parents had a pool in the backyard, and even when I went away to college, the frat complex had an indoor pool. I’ve always been a fan of swimming. It’s a great way to cool off on a hot day, relax and stay fit.

My neighbor and his wife have decided to buy their own pool, rather than using ours all the time. He had so many questions for me, so I went ahead and outlined a few things that he must know before (and while) owning a pool.

Installation: While you may think you’re handy and can do it all, this is one thing you’ll definitely want to leave up to the professionals. They are the experts, and will quickly install the pool of your dreams. If you want to prolong the process and turn a one week job into a two month job, go ahead and tackle the installation yourself. You’ll be glad you called a professional, trust me on this one.

Cleaning: This is so important, and probably the most irritating thing about owning a pool. Don’t get me wrong, being a pool owner is great; it’s like having a water park in your own backyard. But, it does require quite a bit of maintenance. Ideally, you should use a net to remove leaves, branches and bugs from your pool every day and cover it when it’s not in use. During the colder months, winter pool covers are essential.

Chemicals: Be sure to keep your chemicals balanced and your water sanitized. If you avoid this process, you will stain your liner and be swimming in water that’s contaminated. Think of it this way: if you’re not using chemicals or taking the proper sanitization steps, it’s basically like swimming in someone’s used bath water. Yuck.

Prepare for the seasons: I mentioned the importance of winter pool covers earlier, but it’s also important to cover it when there is a huge storm coming, or if you will be traveling. The more debris that gets in your pool, the more of a risk you take at ripping your liner or clogging your drain. Winter pool covers are necessary for the colder months because they have a great seal, and are designed to stay tight and cover your pool for several months at a time.

That’s a simple start up guide to owning your first pool. The most important things: keep it clean, and utilize those winter pool covers. They are a life saver!

About the Author:

Karl Buxton is a pool expert. He is helping his neighbor become a first time pool owner. His tips? Always keep it clean, don’t forget to use winter pool covers and have a professional do the install. And, of course, enjoy it!

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