Stay Safe This Winter

Take some simple steps to keep yourself safe this winter

Protect your back while shoveling

It’s Smart to watch your back this winter, use these tips to shovel safely

  • Select the right shovel. Use a shovel that’s appropriate for your height and strength, not too heavy or long.
  • Dress in layers. Wear layers of light, water repellent clothing that breathe while keeping you warm.
  • Take it slow. Pace yourself and take frequent breaks.
  • Push the snow. Don’t lift snow – push it if you can. Avoid throwing it over your shoulder or to the side.
  • Lift properly. If you must lift, bend your knees and try to keep your back straight. Don’t pick up too much at once.

Take the nip out of frostbite for kids

Children at play in winter may appear immune to the cold. But don’t let rosey cheeks fool you. Children are at a greater risk than adults for frostbite, because kids lose heat more quickly,

Frostbite occurs when skin freezes from prolonged exposure to cold temperatures. Children’s hands, feet, nose and ears are most vulnerable to it. And severe forms of frostbite can cause permanent damage.

For best protection, try to keep children inside on severe winter days. Here are a few other prevention tips:

  • Dress your children in layers so they will stay warm and dry. Moisture-reducing winter sportswear, cotton socks. and mitten and glove liners all help prevent inside layers from getting wet.
  • Set reasonable time limits on outdoor play in cold weather. Also, call children inside to warm up.
  • Check for signs of frostbite on a regular basis. These include skin that appears pale, waxy, discolored or hard. Your child also may complain of numbness or pain. If you see these symptoms, seek medical help immediately.
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