Finding a Professional Pool Builder

Selecting the right pool builder is as important as choosing a contractor for any other task. A pool owner-to-be should make sure to do his or her homework before making a decision. Here are some questions a prospective pool owner should ask a potential contractor:

  • What experience does the pool builder have in dealing with swimming pool installation?
  • Does the pool builder use a team of employees to help, or will the entire job be done by one person? Are the employees certified and experienced?
  • What steps does the pool builder use to guarantee his or her work?
  • What materials will the pool builder use? Will they be accepted by modern environmental standards?
  • Does the pool builder have legitimate references?

Asking questions to the contractor will help to alleviate many concerns, but there are also questions that should be asked of oneself. Installing a swimming pool can be a hectic process if one has not prepared and thought ahead. Below are some questions every prospective pool owner should ask of themselves:

  • What kind of swimming pool am I looking to build? What design elements am I planning to include?
  • Do I want an above ground or in ground swimming pool?
  • What is my budget and what are the monthly costs of owning a swimming pool?
  • What unforeseen expenses might arise after purchase? Will I want a pool heater? A deck?

Gathering knowledge before making a decision is imperative when considering a large purchase such as a swimming pool. Asking the right questions before making a decision is the best way to obtain that knowledge.

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