23 Things You Will Do At Least Once This Year

Although years seemingly go by at blurring speed where only certain events are memorable, there are a handful of activities nearly everyone does over the course of a typical year.  Here are some things that you can count on doing at least once this year.

  1. Sing “Auld, Lang Syne”
  2. Cheer for your favorite Super Bowl team
  3. Send a Valentine
  4. Drink green Beer
  5. File income tax paperwork
  6. Celebrate a birthday
  7. Get a dental cleaning
  8. Get a physical
  9. Swim in a pool or other body of water
  10. See a fireworks display
  11. Attend a sporting event
  12. Plant flowers
  13. Mow the lawn
  14. Go out for ice cream
  15. Rake leaves
  16. Eat turkey
  17. Purchase a gift
  18. Take a vacation
  19. Give a car an oil change
  20. Be shocked by a TV series season cliffhanger
  21. Get a cold
  22. Decorate the home
  23. Make a resolution
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