Heatwave Saunas

Carbon heaters feature a 98% infrared conversion rate, which compared to the 68% rate of ceramic heaters, provide stronger and more even heat distribution. Carbon infrared saunas provide a more cost-effective alternative to the high-priced traditional saunas in the industry. Those consumers who are looking for an affordable and efficient way to make the healthy life choice of purchasing a sauna are the perfect candidates for a new sauna from PcPools.

One cannot deny the current and still-growing wellness trend that is taking place in America today. People are making an effort to live healthier, and PcPools is helping to make it easier for people to do so. Saunas have been used for centuries to purify the body and the mind. Thanks to today’s wellness movement, that concept continues to thrive and grow. PcPools is making a strong effort to align itself with that concept by educating its customers on the short and long term benefits of owning an infrared sauna. Identifying sauna use as a fitness instrument sets such items apart from spas, which are traditionally only used for relaxation. PcPools offers its customers a way to improve fitness while in a relaxing setting, allowing them to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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