Safety Tips for Handling Pool Chemicals

Handling, storing, and disposing of pool chemicals are often tasks that are done incorrectly. It is important to keep in mind that before they are mixed into a swimming pool, many pool chemicals can be extremely hazardous. There are multiple potential hazards involved with pool chemicals.

The first rule of handling pool chemicals is to always read and follow the instructions. Even if you have handled a certain pool chemical in the past, it is important to read the label every time you use a new package. Even if it is the same brand, there could be new guidelines to follow. You should always wear protective eye equipment as well as rubber gloves when handling pool chemicals because some pool chemicals are much more volatile before being mixed with water. Be sure to keep the pool chemicals away from any plants, or even you lawn. Never smoke within range of the pool chemicals because even one small spark can cause an explosion or the release of hazardous gases. Lastly, you should always use clean equipment when handling or transferring the pool chemicals.

Storing pool chemicals requires very close attention as well. Always store your pool chemicals in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Never store chemicals in hot environment or near an open flame. Similarly, you should never store pool chemicals near other chemicals such as pesticides. Do not mix pool chemicals into the same bin to save space – this could be potentially dangerous.

Improperly disposing of pool chemicals might not be as hazardous to you, but it can cause major issues for the environment. Always refer to the pool chemical’s instructions for any tips on safe disposal. Be sure to rinse out each bin three times during disposal. This allows the bin to be reused in the future, but it should only be reused to store the same pool chemical. Do not vacuum pool chemicals up if spilled – this is not a safe way to dispose of chemicals.

Learning the properly handle, store, and dispose of pool chemicals allows pool owners to safely do the routine pool maintenance themselves.

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