Quick Tips For Your Swimming Pool Heater

Now that Spring is upon us, many people’s attention is turning towards warm weather activities. That includes swimming, of course! The only problem is that in many parts of the country it is still too cold to comfortably use an outdoor swimming pool. What is a person to do?

Pool heaters to the rescue. While there are a variety of types of swimming pool heaters – gas, electric, and solar – gas heaters are the most heavily relied upon this time of year because they work quickly and easily without regard to the surrounding weather. So, if you are a gas pool heater user, here are a few tips to keep your heater working smoothly and safely.

Storage. Whether you are a homeowner or the manager of a commercial facility with a pool, ensure that any and all chemicals are stored separately and at a safe distance from the pool heater. This helps prevents any accidental combustion from turning into a dangerous fire or explosion. As a further precautionary measure, PcPools recommends utilizing a carbon monoxide detector if your heater is located indoors or anywhere near a window or vent leading indoors.

Safety Features. These days most pool heating units come with internal safety mechanisms to prevent gas leakage or other mechanical failures. Examples include ignition safeguards, pressure regulators, automatic shut-off controls, and water pressure relief valves. Using your heater’s manual as a guide, test all the unit’s built-in safeties. This is an especially important task if you are just starting it up after a winter of non-use.

Inspection. “Past results are not indicative of future performance.” This general truism applies to your pool heater: just because your heater hasn’t had any trouble in the past doesn’t mean it is immune to future problems. This is why regular inspection by a trained professional is recommended.

Precautionary care is the best kind of care for your heater, so get a maintenance checkup annually – you never know when your unit’s gas lines, wires, or gauges will fail. PcPools recommends calling a local skilled technician to do the job, because despite the upfront cost of doing so, the long-term benefit is that the service will keep your heater working efficiently for many years, possibly saving you more in the long-run.

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