ChlorEase Saltwater Chlorine Generator

Is the salt irritating to swimmers? Can you taste the salt?

No, the salt actually softens the pool water, just like a residential water softener, leaving hair and skin with a soft, silky feel. The low concentration of salt is generally below the taste level of most people. In comparison, the recommended salt level in a ChlorEase pool (3600-4000 ppm) is less than half the salinity of the human eye and about 12 times less than ocean water. So, a ChlorEase pool is NOT a saltwater pool.

Does the salt concentration cause corrosion?

No, unless two dissimilar metals are in immediate proximity to one another. With the increasing popularity of salt chlorine generating systems, most pool products and equipment today are manufactured to avoid this situation. Salt has no effect on vinyl or plastic components in the pool.  However, you do want to make sure your equipment is compatible

Is this technology safe?

Absolutely. This salt water technology has been used in swimming pools for over 25 years. What is new is that ChlorEase has a cost of a few hundred dollars, as opposed to units that are priced in the thousands of dollars. Affordability has made this technology practical for aboveground pools. If a GFI protected outlet is used, there is no electrical hazard. ChlorEase has received ETL approval.

Will I still need chlorine?

Unless the pool has been subjected to very heavy bather loads, ChlorEase should be able to supply the needs of pools up to 18,000 gallons. In those instances where heavy bather load or conditions have depleted the chlorine level or there is a loss of water quality, the addition of some shock might be necessary.

How much chlorine does ChlorEase produce?

Running the unit continuously 24 hours a day, the chlorine output is approximately 5 ounces per day (on a 100% chlorine basis).

What kind of salt can be used?

It is imperative to use only sodium chloride (NaCl) that is 99% pure. This is commonly available at most reputable pool stores or home centers in 50 lb. bags. Non-iodized food-grade or water softener grades of salt are suitable. DO NOT use iodized salt, rock salt or salt with yellow prussiate of soda.

Does ChlorEase bleach or wrinkle liners?

No. It is recommended that the unit be placed near the return line to circulate the chlorine. Extensive testing has been conducted in different environments and no bleaching or wrinkling has resulted. Since chlorine is produced in a steady, consistent manner, harsh levels that might accelerate pool liner fading are avoided.

How does it affect pool water chemistry?

This is a chlorine pool and is maintained in exactly the same way. A big advantage is that there is no buildup of stabilizer or calcium byproducts that are associated with traditional chlorine based pool products.

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