Retirement Activities for Men and Women

Retirement can be an exciting and scary time. On one hand, there’s the pleasure of knowing you no longer need to drag yourself out of bed on those especially tough mornings. On the other hand is the knowledge that the absence of something to do could leave you bored. With over 70 million baby boomers on their way towards retirement, this complex internal dynamic has risen towards the forefront of consumer behavior and activities topics.

There are many ways you will fill your time during retirement and you probably have at least a few things in mind. But if you are looking for ideas on things to do, PcPools has a few suggestions. While “open a vineyard” or “travel the world” sounds attractive to many people, those options are unrealistic for most retirees. This list of ideas is for everyone, so feel free to read on regardless of how much money you are looking to spend.

1. Pursue A Hobby. This works well for those with or without existing hobbies. If you have one now, pursue it with renewed energy or in different ways. If you like Yoga, try a new style or a different studio. If you like fishing, try fishing for something else in a different lake or body of water. Don’t have a hobby you enjoy? Find one! Walking, camping, hunting, woodworking, crocheting, cooking, kayaking, swimming. What about playing video games or learning to play a new instrument? The opportunities are endless.

2. Volunteer. Find a way to give back to your community in a way that benefits you so you look forward to it. If you’re a former teacher, maybe volunteering to help school children with homework would satisfy you. If you’re a former lawyer, maybe volunteering at a nearby pro bono clinic is attractive. Don’t feel restricted by your skills and experience, however. The important thing is to find something you enjoy.

3. Travel. If you can afford exotic vacations in retirement, that’s fantastic. But if you can’t, or that doesn’t appeal to you, you can still have fun traveling. Take a day trip to a nearby destination. Live near Cawker City, Kansas? Go check out the World’s Biggest Ball of Twine. Live near Shreveport, Louisiana? Go see the Holy Trinity Catholic Church. There are plenty of monuments, museums, landmarks, and other interesting destinations no matter where you live.

4. Start And Finish A Home Improvement Project. There are an innumerable number of free resources on the internet and at local libraries and home improvement stores that you can peruse to find an enjoyable “fix-up project.” It can be something as simple as repainting a wall or as complex as redoing your kitchen. The value is in pursuing a task and generating satisfaction upon completing it.

Staying busy and happy during retirement is a task for which there is no one solution. PcPools suggests buying an above ground swimming pool and inviting over friends and family, but we’re biased, and that doesn’t appeal to everyone. Be open to new things and try to figure out the things that you enjoy the most. That should help keep you young and happy!

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