The Relative Limitations of Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners

As noted at the bottom of a recent Resource Article in the Pool Library—Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners – The Basics—automatic swimming pool cleaners can’t clean 100% of the dirt and debris from your swimming pool. Corners and uneven shapes present problems, so the bottom line is that even the best automatic and robotic pool cleaners will miss some spots.

Accepting that reality, automatic cleaners are still a worthwhile investment for most swimming pool owners. Sure, either you or somebody else will still have to vacuum certain areas of the pool by hand, but the automatic cleaner will dramatically reduce the time and effort you must expend. If you are an above ground pool owner, manual vacuuming also provides the added benefit of prolonging the life of your vinyl liner: pool vacuum heads, such as PcPools’ Deluxe Clear Triangular Head, have brushes on the bottom that scrub the pool liner as you clean. This brushing prevents bacteria from sitting on the liner surface and keeps algae from forming.

An automatic pool cleaner decreases the labor swimming pool ownership requires, but it doesn’t eliminate it. Don’t try proving us wrong by running your automatic cleaner all the time, either, because you’ll wear down your vinyl liner and run up your electricity bill! Leaf rakes and other pool cleaning supplies everywhere, rejoice.

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