Clean Your Swimming Pool or Hot Tub With…Moss?

The going green trend is getting more and more literal when it comes to pool products: swimming pools and spas are now being cleaned with moss!  Sphagnum moss, to be precise.  Moss is a large departure from the traditional elements of a pool or cleaning tool kit—e.g. chlorine, wall brush, or robotic pool cleaners—so the questions of “How” and “Why” immediately come to mind.

The “How” is a moss conditioning system.  It’s available for swimming pools and spas, and for both applications, sphagnum moss is cut, dried, and placed into mesh inserts.  The inserts are placed alongside the existing filter in spas, and in a separate dispenser chamber for swimming pools.  It turns out the How isn’t complex.  What about the Why?

The moss acts as a filter and buffer in your water.  It releases agents into the water which inhibit biofilm formation.  The decrease in biofilm—bacteria’s protective film—leaves a high percentage of bacteria unprotected.  This enables pool and spa chemicals to work much more effectively.  As a result, chemical usage can decrease by up to 90%.  This translates to cost savings.  It also means softer, clearer water void of the strong chlorine smell.  The softer water results in fewer incidents of dry skin, burning eyes, and damaged hair.

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