Tips for Styling Outdoor Parties

  1. Invest in shatter-resistant dishes and glassware.  When doing your shopping, look for patterns and styles that are versatile.  This will enable you to combine the pieces in different ways, also enabling you to save money with less expensive pieces where preferred or beneficial.
  2. Draw your styling inspiration from the space itself.  Colors in the fabric of your umbrella or chair pads can be a great place to start.  Have a garden or nearby plants and flowers?  That works too!  Consider the surroundings when selecting table settings and accessories.
  3. If possible, choose dishware with neutral, muted tones.  Add your pops of color with flowers, candles, tablecloths, place mats, and other dinner accessories.
  4. Create some ambiance with colored lighting.  Add colored lights to nearby columns and overhangs.  Leaving your Christmas lights up year round is not the way to go!
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