It’s Not Too Late To Learn To Swim

Do you know how to swim?

As an above ground pool and pool & spa supplies retailer we presume the vast majority of our customers know how to swim.  But as recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and Minneapolis Star Tribune point out, that may not be the case.  According to the Wall Street Journal story “Swim Class for Grown-Ups: Teaching Adults To Swim” 37% of U.S. adults can’t swim 24 yards, the average length of a swimming pool.  This by itself isn’t troubling.  After all, you don’t really have to swim if you don’t want to, right?  But what is troubling is the increased rate of drownings seen across the country.  Both stories, including the Star Tribune’s “At 40, she’s learning to crawl”, emphasize that it’s never too late to learn to swim.  Check for classes locally and you’ll be sure to find plenty of others your age or older.

Learning to swim can be for your own safety, your family’s, or just for enjoyment.  Any of these reasons makes learning to swim a worthwhile endeavor.

bears in outdoor swimming pool

If Bears can learn to swim, why can’t you?

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