Summer Entertaining Ideas

A backyard is the perfect place for a summer get together with family or friends, especially one with a swimming pool.  As an above ground or in ground pool owner, it’s unlikely you are a stranger to hosting outdoor gatherings in the summer.  After all, when the weather is hot, swimming pools are in demand by young and old people alike.  Whether or not you are a backyard summer entertainment novice or expert, PcPools has a few suggestions for your by-the-pool gatherings under the sun.

Pick a seating area.  Designate one or more areas of your yard as seating areas by setting up one or more patio umbrellas.  Place chairs and tables underneath.  Select these areas with the knowledge that your guests will congregate near these umbrellas, so choose a convenient and enjoyable place.  Add an outdoor rug and pillows to spruce things up or provide a comfortable place for guests to lie down and relax.

Serve Beverages.  Fill a bucket with ice and place it in the shade near the seating areas or pool.  This prevents guests from having to bother you for beverages or trek into the house to grab things from the refrigerator.  If you are serving adult beverages in addition to water, soda, et cetera, use a separate bin.  Don’t have more than one?  Get creative.  How about a wheelbarrow?

Provide Toys and Games.  Beyond pool noodles, toy inflatables, and loungers for the pool, think about providing toys and games for outside the pool.  Silly things like hula hoops, bubbles, or colored sidewalk chalk are fun for kids.  Lawn games like bocce ball are fun for adults.

Those are a few entertaining ideas, but there are certainly plenty more.  If you have a few of your own—or pictures of your ideas—we’d love to hear about or see them!  Post them on our Facebook wall or send us a tweet!

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