Three Items For Maximizing Summer Living

The hot summer days are upon us.  People are worn down by the heat, feel like they’ve run out of fun activities for their family, and are beginning to look towards the Fall.  Don’t let summer’s elements wear you down!  Take advantage of every day with the help of these three items:

Garden Hose with Sprinkler attachment.  Everyone has fun running through a sprinkler on a hot day.  To “green” this activity, use a sprinkler attachment that waters the lawn and provides a fountain of water with good height.  Amplify the fun with hula hoops, limbo contests, or races (but be careful!).  Adults and young children alike will get a kick out of this.

 garden hose with fountain sprinkler


Patio Umbrella with a Mosquito Net.  When a tall glass of ice water and a few dips into your swimming pool aren’t enough to keep you cool, a patio umbrella can be a lifesaver.  Keeping the sun off your back on a hot day does wonders.  But what about when the sun starts to dip towards the horizon and the mosquitos come out to play?  Pair your patio umbrella with a mosquito net and enjoy the evening outside.

 Hammock.  There are few activities as picturesque as relaxing in a hammock on a summer day or night.  Use a standalone version with its own support bars or attach it between two trees, but choose your spot in the sun or shade carefully.  Add a side table for a place to set beverages or reading materials.  After all, you’ll want to set those down when the inevitable desire to take a nap strikes!

We at PcPools are big believers in the value of a swimming pool during the summer.  But we know as well as anyone there are many other elements needed to maximize summer fun and relaxation.  Take advantage of summer days and nights in any way you can while they are still here!

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