A General Guide to Pool Heating Options – Part 1

This time of year, most pool owners are groping for just about anything they can get their hands on that will help them keep their pools warm and extend their swimming season a couple extra months in spite of fast-approaching chillier temperatures. Whether it’s natural gas or propane pool heaters, electric pool heaters, solar blankets and solar covers or installing a solar heating system, the options are the same for both above ground pool owners and in ground pool owners.

Knowing your options — Gas, Electric or Solar pool heaters

Gas pool heaters, electric heat pumps and solar pool covers all come in a wide variety of makes and models with the capabilities and options to fit both your budget and your pool heating needs. Gas pool heaters have been the staple in colder climates for some time. But recently with the rising costs of propane and natural gas, as well as advances in electric heat pump technology, more pool owners are choosing pool heat pumps. There’s no clear-cut, right or wrong answer. How you heat your swimming pool depends on many factors — cost of installation, pool usage patterns, the size of your pool, required maintenance, and your climate just to name a few. To help you decide on which method would work best for you, here are a few pool heater basics.

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