A General Guide to Pool Heating Options – Part 4

Solar pool heaters

Lastly, solar pool heaters — solar covers, blankets, and panels — offer a “green” pool heating option. For this reason solar pool heating options have been growing in popularity as of late. Solar heating solutions allow for year-round swimming seasons in warmer climates, but if used alone in the colder climates they may extend the swimming season only minimally. When using solar heaters for above ground pools, it is wise to consider the unpredictability of the weather, and realize that during stretches of inclement weather the pool temperature may be below your desired level.

Solar pool heaters convert the heat and energy from the sun to heat the pool water. Solar pool panels are modular and can either be located on a rooftop or on the ground, allowing for a variety of configurations. While solar pool heating systems can be fairly expensive up front, they have nearly zero cost of operation. Add to that the longevity and minimal maintenance, and you can see why solar units are catching on across the country. We suggest using a quality solar blanket with a pool heater in order to save money, energy and maximize efficiency.

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