Interesting water facts…why are humans so drawn to water???

Enjoy your swimming pool but don’t take water for granted.

Water has always been an important part of human existence and is only going to become more important. For example:

  • If your neighbor had plenty of water but you hadn’t enough to keep your family, your livestock and your crops alive, would you fight for it? Would you go to war? Lots of people—from multi-degreed behavioral psychologist to barroom philosophers—believe you would.
  • According to water experts at the United Nations, more than 45 percent of the world’s populations—more than 3 billion people—are already in need of more clean water. They cite research from The World Bank that shows that more than 80 countries now have water shortages that threaten their health and economies.
  • It used to take precise measurements to document the tiny shifts in the size of glaciers, the world’s ultimate fresh water storage areas. Now tourists making repeat visits to Alaska, the Andes or even Glacier National Park in Montana can just look at photos they took last year and see how rapidly they are melting.

Please conserve water and definitely do not take it for granted. We in the USA are all very lucky to have an abundance of water so we can enjoy such a pleasure as a backyard swimming pool!

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