Top 5 Non-Traditional Ways To Use Swimming Pool Noodles

  • Play Games.

Pool noodles can be used or made into a variety of fun things, especially with the help of a child’s imagination!  Here are a few specific ideas:

Is croquet not fun or too hard for your kids?  Get them outside by creating wickets with the pool noodles.  Substitute out the wooden or plastic croquet balls for a basketball or soccer ball so players can kick or roll the ball instead of using wooden mallets.

If you have extra pool noodles you don’t mind permanently repurposing, cut and decorate them into light sabers or swords.  If your kids are into car racing, try cutting a pool noodle in half and creating customizable race tracks.  Finally, a race down the stairway that won’t make you cringe!

  • Decorate For A Party Or Holiday.

There are many creative ways to decorate with pool noodles, but here are two suggestions: (a) Make a wreath: bend the noodle so the edges touch to form the wreath.  Cover it with fabric and other decorations to match the holiday or season you are celebrating! (b) Make giant lollipops: cut light piping into different lengths, roll the noodles up like a snail shell, affix to the piping (which should “pin” the noodles as is), and cover with clear plastic.

  • Enhance Safety.

Add padding to dangerous corners and edges like railings.  Use an exacto knife to cut down the length of the noodle to “open it up” so the noodle can be wrapped around or affixed to whatever needs to be padded.

Help active sleepers stay in their beds by tucking pool noodles under the fitted bottom sheet near the edges of the bed.

  • Create A Floating Cooler.

This idea isn’t very far out of the box but it’s one of the best!  Take a plastic tub with overhanging edges that is deep enough to hold beverages of your choice and ice.  Affix pool noodles to the underside of all four sides with water resistant tape or fabric.  Mix, and enjoy!  Cautiously test the “floatability” of your device so you don’t end up with a swimming pool full of ice, cans, and bottles.

  • Protect Your Boots.

A pool noodle is a poor substitute for a polishing cloth but it does a great job of keeping tall boots upright and in shape.  Protect your boots from wearing out by cutting a pool noodle to fit the diameter and length of the ankle and calf area.  Voila!  No more leather cracking at the ankle or clunky specialized rack taking space in your closet.

Do you have more ideas or examples for repurposing pool noodles?  Let us know!

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