Winter Reminders for Above Ground Pool Owners

Every swimming pool owner knows the importance of ensuring their pool is not leaking.  Many pool owners in cold climates, however, don’t think to check for leaks during the winter months.  It’s outside exposed to freezing temperatures, so how could it be leaking?  Shifting ice may be responsible, but the typical scenario is the leak developed during the summer but went undetected.

If this happens and you close your pool with an unfixed leak, the potential for frost heaving wreaking havoc on the pool grows dramatically.  Excess water soaking in to the ground, combined with the freezing and thawing effects of winter weather, can alter the plane under pool.  The resulting uneven surface can lead to torn pool liners or winter covers as well as collapsed pool walls.  So be sure to check for leaks, and sweep off excess snow and ice from your pool’s winter cover throughout the season.

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