Happy Earth Day from PcPools!

Today is Earth Day, a day for awareness and action on behalf of Earth!  Swimming pools, whether an in ground or above ground version, are a wonderful addition to a home’s backyard.  But they also impact the environment; they require water, chemicals, energy, and a wide variety of materials to build and maintain.  So if you’re a pool owner considering your impact and looking for some eco-friendly actions to take to reduce your pool’s effect on the environment, here are five ideas:

1.  Install a Solar Pool Heater.  A solar panel heating system uses free heat from the sun to heat your pool water as it circulates through the panels.  Energy is required to operate the pump to push the water through the panels, but if used when the pump is operating at normal times, it’s a great “GREEN” option for keeping your pool warm.

2.  Use Your Solar blanket.  Also known as a solar cover, a solar pool blanket is a cheap and easy way to obtain cost and energy savings on operating your pool.  Simply laying the solar cover on top of the water helps reduce water and chemical loss as well as increase heat production and retention.

3.  Use Sand Alternatives In Your Filter.  Using sand to filter your pool isn’t the Green movement’s biggest enemy, but there are alternatives like Zeobest™ and VitroClean that use natural or recycled materials to deliver superior results.  These products  may also reduce the need for backwashing, so overall water usage is reduced.

4.  Switch to Salwater.  Installing items like the SolarChlor® Chlorine and Ion Generator to switch to a saltwater maintenance strategy is a great eco-friendly option because chlorinators use natural minerals—salt—to generate chlorine and fight bacteria and other micro-organisms.  Some versions are even solar powered.

5.  Automatic Filtration Timer.  A timing system for your pool’s filtration system is a great way to reduce unnecessary energy usage.   Available in a variety of models, including a solar powered version, programming pre-set times for your pump and filter to run eliminates energy use when it isn’t needed to keep your pool is swimmable condition!

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