Scents of Smell

Our sense of smell is often overlooked, but it is powerful enough to easily evoke emotions, give a boost of energy, or awaken vivid memories from long ago.  Here are some fun examples of the power of smells:

  • Freshly cut grass.  Does it bring up imagery of a warm summer day?
  • Peppermint.  This revitalizing scent can enhance physical performance, relieve pain, indigestion, nausea, and headaches.
  • Cinnamon.  Whether cooking on the stove top or soaking in hot cider, cinnamon improves mood and concentration.
  • Fresh flowers.  This cheery fragrance makes people more energetic.
  • Citrus.  Scents from Oranges and Lemons increase oxygen flow, boost energy, and can improve immune function.  Many report associating Lemon with cleanliness, too.
  • Coffee Beans.  Coffee aroma can energize you and counteract stress caused by the lack of sleep.
  • Pine needles.  This energizing scent can release tension, and frequently brings up fond holiday memories.
  • Oatmeal.  This smell is associated with soothing and sedating feelings.
  • Pool Chlorine.  Smells clean and brings up memories of summer fun in backyard and neighborhood swimming pools.

Did we miss a scent that makes you feel a certain way?  Or brings up great memories?  Tell us in the comments!

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