Fix Small Tears or Holes In A Vinyl Pool Liner.  If your swimming pool liner has a rip or hole, don’t tear out your hair or your liner.  You can fix it!  Using a clear vinyl liner repair sealant like E-Z Patch or other repair kit, apply the liner adhesive over the rip, cut, or pinhole.  If the rip or cut is large enough, use a vinyl patch to help ensure a secure seal (clear vinyl patch included with E-Z Patch product.  Different products will have different directions, but the repair sealants typically cure fast enough to eliminate leaks in a matter of minutes, but need a day or two to fully cure for long-term stability.

Build A Poolside Bar.  If the Pool & Spa bar and bar stools available in the PcPools Backyard Décor section are out of your summer spending budget, or you just want to tackle a fun DIY woodworking project, building a poolside bar is a great option for a summer project.  Just make sure you get it done in time to enjoy those outdoor parties!

Swimming Pool Accessories DIY Drying Rack

Built A Poolside Accessories Rack.  In the hands of a capable DIY-er, simple PVC pipe and connectors are enough to create a handy, attractive storage option for swimming pool owners.  Especially if you have kids and lots of swimmers!  PVC pipe is cheap, enabling pool owners to design a rack customized to their needs.  Options include the above-pictured drying rack style design, or a toy chest-like storage bin using PVC bars and mesh netting.

Resurface A Pool Patio.  A bright, clean pool deck and patio area can enhance the attractiveness of a pool or spa area, as well as enhance safety.  For best results on wood decks, pressure wash the area, replace rotting boards, and re-stain the entire area.  If your deck area is concrete or if stain won’t do the trick, try the PcPools Pool and Deck Paint section for other ideas.

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