Keys for A Safe Summer of Swimming Fun

Tips for safety around and in swimming pools are nothing new, but accidents continue to happen every year so it pays to remind ourselves of best practices. Most drowning accidents involve boys younger than 5 years old, but accidents can happen to anyone so remain vigilant no matter who you are!

-An adult should always be watching children swimmers, even if there is a lifeguard on duty. You never know when someone might slip and hit their head, so don’t let the shallow water of an above ground pool fool you into thinking nothing will happen.

-Wear a lifejacket! If you’re just floating around the pool, lake, or beach, try turning it upside down and putting your legs through the arm holes. It’s a DIY floating chair!

-Keep pool safety products on hand and readily accessible. The classic lifeguard tools of a foam ring buoy and a pool safety hook are great places to start.

-Use a buddy system. It’s a great way to make friends, too 😉

-Limit alcoholic beverage intake and avoid attention-distracting activities like phone calls, reading, et cetera.

-Put a cover on the pool and remove access points like ladders (or add lockable gates to the step areas) when the pool is not in use.

-Post pool rules so they are easy to see from the pool area. Ensure everyone that enters the pool reviews them before they jump, dive, or climb in.

Keep Swimmers Safe By Ensuring They Know And Are Following The Rules

-If you own the swimming pool, limit the number of swimmers that can be in the pool at one time. Good visibility is important when seconds can count.

Enjoy the rest of the swimming season safely and happily!

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