Tips for the Lingering Winter

Winter is almost over, but it still is seaming to linger on and on. Below are some tips to get you through till spring.

  1. Remove window air conditioner and make sure your window/storm windows are closed and in the locked position.
  2. Open your window treatments during the day to allow sunlight into the house. Keep your wood windows in good shape by wiping off any condensation that may have formed overnight on the glass and wood frames.
  3. Avoid piling snow up next to the house and/or garage. When the snow melts it could seep into the basement or rot the wood framing the walls.
  4. Make sure you have an operable smoke detector on each level of your home and each sleeping room of your home. You should have an operable corbon monoxide detector within ten feet of each sleeping room.
  5. DO NOT idle your car in an attached garage even with the garage door open. Deadly carbon monoxide can enter your home.
  6. If you have problems with ice dams, consider using a roof rake to remove excess snow.
  7. Change your furnace filter monthly and if your furnace is more than five years old, consider having a safety check along with a clean and tune-up by a certified technician.


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