Pool Opening Tips

PcPools’ first tip for opening your pool is…DON’T WAIT! Many swimming pool owners procrastinate to avoid the work that goes into the pool opening process. Understandable, yes, but by the time you are motivated enough to open the pool, frequently you and your family have already missed part of the swimming season. Depending on how short the summer swimming season is where you live, that could be a big mistake!

Once you’ve committed yourself to beginning the pool opening process – go ahead and pat yourself on the back – it is likely best to begin with a floc treatment. This will make it much easier for you to remove any existing contaminants from your pool water. Simply add the flocculant, turn on your pool pump for a few hours allowing it to circulate, shut it off so the debris can fall to the bottom, and then vacuum up the coagulated debris.

At this point in the process, you will need to evaluate if it is necessary to add water to your pool, as well as your chlorine demand. Once you’ve shocked the pool and satisfied the chlorine demand, the next step will be to add the Algaecide. Beyond that, make sure you monitor your filter pressure and chlorine levels extra closely for at least the first few days after opening.

Need a Spring Pool Chemical Start-Up Package to assist you with your pool opening? PcPools has you covered.

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