Why purchase a custom safety cover vs standard

Q: We get a great deal of calls at where customers have been told using a standard size winter safety cover on a non-standard size swimming pool is okay. What are your thoughts about this practice?

A: Attempting to put a stock safety cover on a custom shaped or sized pool brings several factors into play. The safety cover overlap may not be sufficient in certain areas to maintain the standards, and in other areas, an improperly sized safety cover may overlap too much into grassy areas or flower beds where it cannot be properly anchored.

This practice has been going for some time and especially for consumers with a tight budget. While they may save money up front buying a standard safety cover for a custom type swimming pool is not a good practice. For example if a customer had 16′ x 32′ kidney shaped swimming pool and purchased a standard rectangle safety cover. At first, when installed properly, the safety cover would look great. As soon as the weather of fall and winter sets in the deterioration of the safety cover has already begun. Here’s what happens. The safety cover strapping of an Arctic Armor safety cover is made with a very dense polymer, called strap wear guards, these wear guards are sewn directly into the the bottom of each cover strap to protect the strapping that comes in contact with the pool deck. Without the wear guards lining up properly in relationship to the pool size and surrounding decking, as in our pool’s example, the cover will fail within 3 years. The normal buffeting of the safety cover that occurs on a non-wear guarded cover strap will snap the strap right in half and the safety cover has failed. Continuing along with our pool example, the customer will assume the safety cover comes with a 12 or 15 year warranty so they call the cover manufacturer to inquire about there warranty. They send the safety cover back to the manufacturer for inspection. The factory then lays the failed cover out on the factory floor. Low and behold they see the outline of a kidney shaped swimming pool on standard rectangle safety cover. The safety covers warranty is null and void. Unfortunately, it’s like when an elephant sits on your fence!

Here is a link to our custom safety cover measuring form . Fill out and fax in to get a free quote.

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8 Responses to Why purchase a custom safety cover vs standard

  1. Glenn Vermeire says:

    do you have anchors for 2×6 wood decking

  2. Franceene says:

    We purchased a grecian safety cover and installed in September of 09′ We went to look at the pool yesterday and get ready to open it. The water is green. I used my normal closing procedures that I have used since day 1 of having this pool (12yrs)…. Can you tell me what the difference is? Should I have used something else or more of something. When the pool was closed; all chemical levels were also balanced. THANKS

    • Did you purchase a solid cover or a mesh one? The mesh will let the sunlight through and that can cause a build up of algae. If it is a mesh cover we do sell the Mesh Safety Pool Cover Dirt Defender. It is a heavy black floating cover that floats on your pool’s surface under your mesh safety pool cover.
      Did you use a winterizing kit? Ours contains an algaecide, super rust and scale and burst shock. They all help keep the pool clearer during the winter months when the water isn’t being circulated.
      Give us a call if you have any more questions.

  3. Imelda J. Ruiz says:

    We have a three yr old doesnt know how to swimm yet. Looking for some safety around pool. Do you have something

  4. K Roddy says:

    Have an inground 32’X16′ POOL IS Sprayed Fiber glass and is not even the deck sections were not level and pool was sprayed any way can a safety cover be installed

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