Above Ground Pool Closing Checklist

Above Ground Closing Check list

VACUUM pool & remove all debris.

Use a Blue Wave WINTERIZING POOL CHEMICAL KIT to add the correct chemicals for the winter for your pool size.

Drain Filter tank of all water. Bring pump/motor indoors. Remove return eyeballs and install WINTERIZING PLUGS.

Winterize skimmer with POOL SKIMMER PLUG.

Put on cover, SOLID WINTER POOL COVERS should float on top of water. If using an AIR PILLOW, inflate 2/3 full. For MESH WINTER POOL COVERS, do not drain pool lower than bottom of skimmer.

Fill WALL BAGS and fasten to covers cable every 2-3 feet. Tighten CABLE securely around pool cover. Position wall bags on top of pool cover.

Use POOL COVER CLIPS or premium COVER LOCK JR’S to secure cover. Fully protect your winter cover from high winds with COVER SEAL

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