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Pool Opening Tips

PcPools’ first tip for opening your pool is…DON’T WAIT! Many swimming pool owners procrastinate to avoid the work that goes into the pool opening process. Understandable, yes, but by the time you are motivated enough to open the pool, frequently … Continue reading

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Scents of Smell

Our sense of smell is often overlooked, but it is powerful enough to easily evoke emotions, give a boost of energy, or awaken vivid memories from long ago.  Here are some fun examples of the power of smells: Freshly cut … Continue reading

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Filter Your Swimming Pool With Recycled Glass Instead of Sand?

Filtration systems use a variety of different methods to keep swimming pools clean.  There is the classic sand filter, a cartridge filter, and the D.E. filters.  But there are ways to update the classics!  Check out VitroClean. VitroClean, made from … Continue reading

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Eco-Friendly Winterization Tips For Draining Your Swimming Pool

As described in our recently published article titled “Do-it-yourself guide to winterizing your above ground pool”, lowering the water level is an important step in the pool winterization process. Your swimming pool water necessarily contains chemicals at all times, of … Continue reading

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First Public Natural Pool in US to Open in Minneapolis

For the full story click below. Tweet

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A Good Week For Hot Tub and Spa Owners

If you own a hot tub or spa (or even know someone who does!), this week is a good week to visit  We are holding a giveaway contest for a SpaNaturally SpaStart Kit that you can enter for free … Continue reading

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Pool Maintenance Tips: How To Shock Your Swimming Pool

Matt from Swim University teaches you how to shock your swimming pool the right way by pre-dissolving each pound of pool shock in a bucket of water before adding it to the water. Tweet

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PcPools Is Giving Away A SpaNaturally SpaStart Kit!

Soon we will hear the sounds of people raking leaves, zippers closing up jackets, and spa and hot tub owners jumping for joy.  Fall is fast approaching, and with it, the best time of the year to use a spa … Continue reading

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Clean Your Swimming Pool or Hot Tub With…Moss?

The going green trend is getting more and more literal when it comes to pool products: swimming pools and spas are now being cleaned with moss!  Sphagnum moss, to be precise.  Moss is a large departure from the traditional elements … Continue reading

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ChlorEase Saltwater Chlorine Generator

Is the salt irritating to swimmers? Can you taste the salt? No, the salt actually softens the pool water, just like a residential water softener, leaving hair and skin with a soft, silky feel. The low concentration of salt is … Continue reading

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