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Healthy and Safe Swimming Week

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Why purchase a custom safety cover vs standard

Q: We get a great deal of calls at where customers have been told using a standard size winter safety cover on a non-standard size swimming pool is okay. What are your thoughts about this practice? A: Attempting to … Continue reading

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The One Thing Wrong With All Hotel Pools

Keryn Means 5/1/2015 Life vests are such a simple invention, but too few hotels and resorts with pools offer them to guests. These are bulky items that are inconvenient for parents to pack, so they leave them at home, which … Continue reading

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Keys for A Safe Summer of Swimming Fun

Tips for safety around and in swimming pools are nothing new, but accidents continue to happen every year so it pays to remind ourselves of best practices. Most drowning accidents involve boys younger than 5 years old, but accidents can … Continue reading

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The Changing Face of Sunscreen

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with sunscreen.  It’s allows us to be out in the warmth of the sun for hours on end enjoying the pool, running around in the yard, or whatever outdoor activity strikes our fancy.  … Continue reading

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Letter To The Editor

The Daily Freeman has a May 9th letter to the editor containing a good DIY safety tip for above ground pool owners concerned about animal safety: “For above-ground pools, an easy and inexpensive way to dramatically lower the danger to … Continue reading

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Lightning Safety Tips: When Lightning Strikes and Thunder Rumbles Go Inside!

According to the National Weather Service, the USA has approximately 54 reported fatal lightning strikes per year averaged over the last 30 years. About 10% of people who are struck by lightning are killed, 90% are left with varying degrees … Continue reading

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How to Help Your Pool Weather a Storm

If you live in anywhere in the USA, severe weather can be a major factor in the spring and summer months. Obviously this is prime swimming season.  Most households have a box of storm supplies, candles, dry goods, waterproof matches, … Continue reading

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Top 5 Non-Traditional Ways To Use Swimming Pool Noodles

Play Games. Pool noodles can be used or made into a variety of fun things, especially with the help of a child’s imagination!  Here are a few specific ideas: Is croquet not fun or too hard for your kids?  Get … Continue reading

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Be Careful On Those Diving Boards!


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